History of The Ancient Seas II: Dies Irae financé sur la plateforme Kickstarter

Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/soundofdrums/history-of-the-ancient-seas-relaunch

Anglais - History of The Ancient Seas II: Dies Irae a été financé sur la plateforme de Crowdfunding Kickstarter (Voir la campagne) le 6 oct. 2022, la campagne a duré 30 jours. 151 personnes ont aidé au financement du jeu, dont le montant demandé était de 33 500,00 €. Grâce à ces 151 personnes le jeu a pu être financé à hauteur de 35 963,00 €, soit ~107,35 %.

History of The Ancient Seas: Expansion II - Barbarians and Pirates on Boardgamegeek

Boardgamegeek https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgameexpansion/342485/history-ancient-seas-expansion-ii-barbarians-pirat

Anglais - The playing pieces of the barbarians and pirates are brought into play by the players and will then be played by AI. Players place them but can’t control them. So, a player needs to be careful what he wishes for. To call for the barbarians and pirates at first might seem like a call for help to threaten your opponents but they can turn their attention quickly towards you.