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Téléchargez la règle pour Zombicide: 2nd Édition - Survivants de Chronicles ou toute autre documents (scénarios, goodies, fiche pédagogique, erratum, ...). 5 fichiers au format PDF sont disponibles.

Zombicide: 2nd Edition Rulebook

pdf https://cdn.1j1ju.com/medias/1d/9c/db-zombicide-2nd-edition-rulebook.pdf

Zombicide is a cooperative game where 1 to 6 players take the roles of Survivors battling Zombies controlled by the game itself. The theme is about fellowship, heart-pounding action, and reaching victory against impossible odds. The game’s goal is to choose a Mission and complete its objective, killing as many Zombies as possible.

21,53 Mo - En Anglais

Zombicide: 2nd Edition Mission WM1 - Amy, An Origin Story

pdf https://cdn.1j1ju.com/medias/39/9d/05-zombicide-2nd-edition-mission-wm1-amy-an-origin-story.pdf

Amy just saw her sensei turn into a zombie and kill his boss. She had to use his precious katana against him. Now, she’ s all alone in the streets, at the beginning of a zombie invasion. What ’ s next? Zombicide!

1,89 Mo - En Anglais

Zombicide: 2nd Edition Mission WM2 - Burn The Alley!

pdf https://cdn.1j1ju.com/medias/8e/45/9c-zombicide-2nd-edition-mission-wm2-burn-the-alley.pdf

You found something rather unusual. It doesn’ t matter how many zombies you kill, more and more keep coming from the same street. Maybe a bomb will block the alley so you can avoid being overwhelmed.

1,83 Mo - En Anglais

Zombicide: 2nd Edition Mission WM3 - Doug, An Origin Story

pdf https://cdn.1j1ju.com/medias/8a/4f/e4-zombicide-2nd-edition-mission-wm3-doug-an-origin-story.pdf

After his office gets surrounded by zombies, Doug has only one plan in mind: save his client, hopefully find more survivors, and get out of the building alive.

1,84 Mo - En Anglais

Zombicide: 2nd Edition Mission WM5 - Ned, An Origin Story

pdf https://cdn.1j1ju.com/medias/11/1a/30-zombicide-2nd-edition-mission-wm5-ned-an-origin-story.pdf

Ned lost the keys to his bunker. After spending a lot of time trying to find them, he received a mysterious note: “ I found a large set of keys. If you are the owner, come find me!

1,84 Mo - En Anglais