Ultimate Railroads

Ultimate Railroads

2022 - (x)(x)(x)(x)(,) 4.4 - 129 Notes Et 1 Avis
Ultimate Railroads

1 - 4 JoueursMeilleur à 4 joueurs

90 MinutesDurée d'une partie

Age: 12+Age minimum

PassionnéType de public


(Bon - généralement prêt à y jouer.)


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Ultimate Railroads Rulebook

pdf https://cdn.1j1ju.com/medias/8e/c9/b3-ultimate-railroads-rulebook.pdf

This is the Ultimate Railroads Big Box. This is a compendium of the classic Russian Railroads (2013), all of the existing expansions, and a brand new expansion. We took this as an opportunity to revise the look of the game, and also made some changes to the content. Our goal is to offer you a premium experience with an improved and more challenging game. Due to the many changes, it was not possible...

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