Paleo: Rites d'Initiation
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Paleo: Rites d'Initiation

2022 - (x)(x)(x)(x)(x) 4.6 - 10 Notes
Paleo: Rites d'Initiation

2 - 4 JoueursNombre de joueurs

75 MinutesDurée d'une partie

Age: 10+Age minimum

FamilleType de public


(Bon - généralement prêt à y jouer.)


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Anglais - Module L is about the trial that the 4 Young Tribe members have to take. The 4 character cards are distributed among the players and they try to pass the exams together. This module can only be played together with Paleo. It is particularly suitable for getting to know the game. Together with module A or B, it is an alternative to level I. The initiation rite offers with slight offers enough challenges...