Hibachi: Hot & Spicy
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Hibachi: Hot & Spicy

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Hibachi: Hot & Spicy

2 - 5 JoueursMeilleur à 2 joueurs

45 MinutesDurée d'une partie

Age: 10+Age minimum

FamilleType de public


(Bon - généralement prêt à y jouer.)


Règle, Fiche pédagogique... un Fichier DisponibleUn Fichier Disponible

Hibachi Rulebook

pdf https://cdn.1j1ju.com/medias/0a/7b/75-hibachi-rulebook.pdf

Welcome to our restaurant. We hope you will enjoy your stay. At Hibachi we take pride in giving our customers an exciting experience, not just great food. Please enjoy watching our chefs as they prepare your orders in their own flamboyant style. They value stage presence as highly as cooking skill so you will see our chefs flipping their utensils and twirling their garnishes as they compete for the...

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