Time of Legends: Joan of Arc - Ottoman Army
Time of Legends: Joan of Arc - Ottoman Army

2 - 4 JoueursMeilleur à 2 joueurs

60 MinutesDurée d'une partie

Age: 14+Age minimum

PassionnéType de public


(Bon - généralement prêt à y jouer.)


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Time of Legends: Joan of Arc Rulebook

pdf https://cdn.1j1ju.com/medias/a6/30/5f-time-of-legends-joan-of-arc-rulebook.pdf

Over 230 miniatures are included in the core game. These represent a wide variety of medieval characters, from lowly peasants to devious witches, and noble knights. In all cases, the miniature has an integral base to allow them to stand on their own. Only heroes and other unique characters enter battle alone, so rank and file troops and civilians are attached to larger bases to fight in groups.

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