After The End
After The End

1 - 5 JoueursNombre de joueurs

90 MinutesDurée d'une partie

Age: 14+Age minimum

PassionnéType de public


(Bon - généralement prêt à y jouer.)


After The End sur Kickstarter (Annulé)


Anglais - After The End devait être financé sur la plateforme de Crowdfunding Kickstarter (Voir la campagne), mais a été annulé par son auteur.

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Anglais - After The End is 1 to 5 player (14+) cooperative board game with turn based action/tactic RPG mechanics. The game features a story driven dynamic campaign of 30hrs+ divided in scenarios of 45 to 90 minutes in which players actions and choices will define the ending.

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Anglais - « Year 2180. One century after a cataclysm called « The End », civilizations collapsed, and humanity is no more than a relic of the past. Earth is now a block of ice, hostile and ruthless. Seeking a solution to survive, survivors have built underground cities called « The Mines » to protect them against bandits, blizzard, predators, and many other treats worse than death.